Hver Erum Við?

Hver erum við? We are a small group of family and co-workers who strive to deliver functionality, excellence, and enthusiasm to every project and every client. With roots all over the country and world, we not only have a feel for many different cultures and universal views, but the value of vastly different human experiences.

Our mission is accomplished when our work reflects the individuality of every background, business, and vision of our clients.

Alison Hansford (Founder) Graphic & Web Designer, Writer & Editor, Marketer

Alison began her career as a writer and editor for local newspaper before immersing herself into the world of communications and marketing. She worked as the associate director of communication in private boarding schools before acting as the director of marketing for two business growth companies in Massachusetts. Alison is highly experienced in writing and editing, graphic design, web design, and marketing strategies. In her spare time, she teaches creative writing classes for children and works on her own middle grade fiction trilogy. Alison is also the co-founder of sister company, Newburyport Trading Company.

Sheila Anderson, Technical Operations, SEO Specialist

Sheila is the reason our websites run smoothly and efficiently! She handles all back-end technicalities and is well-versed in HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, and other frameworks. Highly experienced in everything web-related, Sheila was the webmaster for MIT course 1 from 2000-2007. Also adept at SEO, she was tasked to edit the first book on SEO by the now popular YOAST team. (She’s also certified as a technical SEO expert by team YOAST.) In her spare time, Sheila is working on 2 novels that she began while attending the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and the Bennington College MFA writing seminars. 

Elísa Gyrðisdóttir, Creative Strategist, Writer

Elisa wears many hats on the Skybridge team. From her incredibly creative ideas to her unique eye for branding and marketing, she is a go-to person for strategy and design. Elisa graduated from the Technical College of Iceland where she studied product design, concept design, graphic design, photography, and art. Also an adept writer and editor, Elisa’s blogs are catchy and informative. Extremely versatile in her own life, she is also a singer/songwriter, yoga instructor, youth counselor, and soon-to-be gardener. She lives in Iceland with her husband and two (extremely adorable) children.

Kate Hansford, Accounting

Someone has to run the books around here, and it’s not us creative types! Kate volunteers her time to keep the daily operations moving and the accounts balanced. Her day job is running the bone and tissue bank at MGH hospital in Boston. She is also the co-founder of our sister company, Newburyport Trading Company.