Skybridge Studio: Writing and Editing in Newburyport. MA

Dear ( ): 

I would like to take a moment to introduce De— — ——ts), a powerful service that evaluates and improves operational efficiencies across the hospitality industry. 

High operational costs and renovations are factors that most significantly contribute to funding depletion. It is therefore imperative to anticipate the most effective and creative ways to optimize performance. We analyze existing service contracts, purchasing strategies, and technical operations for select hotels to ensure that budgets are maximized and all areas of service are fluid and effective. 

De— — ——ts, Inc. engages in a multi-faceted approach to the hotel industry. Instead of focusing singularly on front-end management details like sales and service, we encompass the entire industry—from the ground up. Additionally, our superior negotiating skills will ensure that all service contracts cater to the owners’ benefit. Unlike other consulting firms, we also offer substantial support to chief engineers and provide interim chief engineer placement services. 

With over 20 years of experience in commercial consulting, we are confident in our vast and intricate knowledge of the high-end hotel industry. Our years of experience in negotiation puts us in a position in which we are proud to offer a contingency arrangement at no cost to the client unless we succeed in completing contract negotiation services. 

After independently evaluating cost-control management, departmental efficiency, and technical service solutions, we target specific inefficiencies, analyze pain points, and interpret all data and information. Next, we introduce a carefully crafted plan to improve existing practices or develop new and value-enhancing approaches. Our strategic and high-impact solutions result in a measurable competitive advantage, positive guest services, and improved satisfaction score-cards. 

Our professionals are committed to providing their expertise with strong integrity and ethics. We welcome you to personally contact us for further information.