Should Freelancers Use Bidding Sites like Thumbtack and Guru?

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Should Freelancers Use Bidding Sites like Thumbtack and Guru?

Bid auctionThumbtack, Guru, and Elance are examples of websites that match service industry providers with project-seeking clients.

What’s the benefit? As a customer, it’s quick and simple to post your project, sit back, and watch dozens of bids roll in. You can easily peruse profiles and pick the freelancer who best suits your needs for the fixed price you have decided upon.

For freelancers and gig-seekers, websites like these can often seem like an oasis of endless opportunity for work, and a great way to build client relationships.

But as a professional freelancer or small business, there is a time in your career when you must draw a line in the sand if you want to reach the next level—and editing 35,000 pages for $30 or building a 10-page website for under $250 is not one of them.

Project-seekers may or may not find a skilled and seasoned expert on one of these websites…but the odds are not great: keep in mind, the very nature of these types of bidding sites is to exchange services for the lowest possible price. You must ask yourself: can you really afford to hire a professional who undervalues their own services?

If your budget is absolutely fixed, bidding sites are worth checking out. Ideally, the freelancer with the most attractive bid will at least have a website and a portfolio – do not waste your money on anyone who does not!

For freelancers who are just starting out: go ahead and give it a whirl. The benefit of doing projects for dirt cheap in the beginning of your career is the opportunity to build your resume, your portfolio, and some good reviews.

But career-driven professionals beware: it’s easy to fall into the cyclical trap of accepting low paying projects—instead, focus on building your business, brand, and relationships. Don’t spend your time constantly fishing for low budget work, but concentrate on those higher-end clients who will come knocking on your door if you market your business effectively.

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