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Doctor’s orders! 

Carrying a small human in your belly for nine month is a joyous, magical, life-changing experience. It can also hurt. A lot. Your joints swell, your whole body feels like an un-popped balloon, and muscles you never even knew existed are brought sharply to your attention. 

For some pregnant women, the thought of massage is unexpectedly conflicting. A massage? Yes! Right Now? Okay! But wait…there’s a large baby mass in my midsection…is that awkward? That might be awkward… 

But, like prenatal pills and the mass exodus of shellfish and deli meats from your diet, what if maternity massage were part of your overall pregnancy regime? What if the doctor ordered it? 

Maternity massage is far from a self-indulgent spa day (which, of course, it totally encouraged as well. Because you deserve it). In fact, maternity massage has a wealth of health benefits for you and your baby. Besides the obvious relief of muscle aches and joint pain, it reduces swelling, significantly improves blood circulation, and increases important hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which are critical to your baby’s development. 

Doctors are increasingly recommending maternity massage as part of a healthy pregnancy routine; in fact, fewer birth complications, such as low birth weight, are attributed to moms who partake in regular massage sessions. 

When choosing a massage therapist, it is important to pick someone who has been specifically educated in maternity massage. At I——*, we have a staff of fully trained professionals who love to make our moms-to-be feel comfortable, relaxed, and fabulous.

Come on by at (XXX) in Newburyport, Massachusetts, or call (XXX) to set up an appointment. We’re ready to pamper you!