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Move. Rejuvenate. Upcycle. 

Moving with FlatRate now helps make New York City a better place. Instead of lugging your extra, unused items from apartment to apartment, why not “upcycle” them for someone else to use? By upcycling, your extra belongings go to a new home. You are freer, someone out there is happier, and New York is greener. 

People are good. Life is beautiful. At FlatRate, we strive to promote this philosophy by helping to turn a time of transition into a time of rejuvenation. Upcycling transforms your move into a positive experience that helps you, helps others, and helps the environment. Breathe new life into your unused items by simply putting them aside as donations for one of our partner organizations (Purple Heart, Salvation Army, and Housing Works). 

We take care of everything! It was never easier for you to be charitable. As with our other services, we will clearly explain everything to you before you begin; there are no hidden tricks, fees, or complications. We like to help, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Upcycling helps you, the less fortunate, and New York City.