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The secret of Moroccan argan oil is quickly becoming recognized as the leading anti-aging and immune-enhancing product in the cosmetic and culinary world. For centuries, Moroccan women have utilized argan oil as part of their cosmetic and cooking regimens, improving their skin and health from the inside out. Only in recent years has the oil been made available in the United States.

This sumptuous and versatile oil is derived from the nut of the rare argan tree, which is indigenous to only a 2100-acre certified organic forest in southwestern Morocco—named an international biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1999. Argan oil’s natural composition yields an amazing ability to nurture and replenish skin, hair, and nails. As a cooking oil it exudes a nutty, sweet flavor that enhances the taste of food and is chock full of nutrients that boosts organ health.

With an explosive wealth of vitamin E, antioxidants, and over 80% essential fatty acids, argan oil is an impressive product that quenches free radicals and neutralizes destructive oxidation by actually restoring the skin’s water lipid layer.

Using a centuries-old practice, argan oil is gently extracted by women from the olive-sized fruit of the ancient argan tree. Led by the efforts of King Mohammad VI, who supported and promoted women’s rights, argan oil is a product of women-run Moroccan cooperatives.